Sunday, 27 February 2011

understanding shutter speeds

Welcome to the 25th edition.

The latest PDF tutorial on shutter speeds is available to download.  Effective use of shutter speeds allows creative blur caused by a variety of methods including camera shake to give your work an edgy documentary style.

The natural beauty of decay
We are often reminded  that nature has its own way of providing us with spontaneous and random patterns. Consider how snow looks when it covers our surroundings. How about the sea when the surf is up and the waves are crashing down. You will no doubt have examples of your own.
Nicholas Brewer

Decay provides its own unique form and texture and I wanted to show you two that I took recently. They  were taken in a derelict building. They do not have any more postproduction than is possible in a traditional darkroom. Shot digitally and then converted into monochrome using the method outlined in an earlier blog called, 'Pearls of wisdom from Albert Watson.'
Nicholas Brewer
"Reality is always extraordinary" Mary Ellen Mark  1940-
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