Monday, 20 September 2010

four essentials you need to know

Welcome to 14th edition

The 'Four Essentials' pdf is below.

Corrine Day
One of the leading photographic advocates’ of the ‘waif look’ during the nineties, Corinne Day sadly lost her battle for life last month. Her fashion work for Face magazine started a fashion revolution moving from the excess of the late eighties to a raw anti-glamour style.  The term ‘Heroin Chic’ described the look and her muse was Kate Moss. Perhaps ‘Cocaine Chic’ would have been more suitable. President Clinton condemned the look claiming that it was glamorising heroin, which of course we all know that it was not.  The skinny looking models without make up were fashion moving into a documentary style. It was not surprising that Corrine Day’s work followed in the same direction. Diagnosed with a brain tumour in 1996 she was not expected to live past 2004. Day has work exhibited in Tate Modern and the National Portrait Gallery.

Nicholas Brewer

Reflections often work well in photographs throwing the viewers sense of perspective and space. They are great for providing interesting images of the everyday into a mysterious ambiguous sense of confusion. All photography is a reflection and taking that concept one step further can help to make unique images with a lasting impression. Garry Winograd used this technique with devastating affect leaving the viewer entranced by the images trying to understand the spacial awareness of the photographs. This image was taken in an office window and it appeared to me like there was a monitor showing an image of the sky or an open window in the distance. For those who are looking for a project see what reflections you can find? Photographing portraits that are reflected into a window can sometimes give a supernatural feel to the images.  "Photography is not about the thing being photographed. It is about how that thing looks  photographed." Garry Winograd.

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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Understanding the ISO on your camera.

Nick Knight
Welcome to the 13th edition.

This weeks tutorial is understanding the ISO. How you can use it to get the look you want. The pdf is below.

Nick Knight one of the worlds' leading photographers is always at the cutting edge of his profession and  produces breath taking photographs. With many awards for  editorial and fashion work he always pushes the creative boundaries.

When I had a look at his website this week it reminded me of his genius. Nick's first book 'Skinhead' is particularly relevant now with Channel 4 showing 'This is England'  which is set just after his book was published. The girtty quality the book has is a thing of the past replaced by digital which is smooth and clean.
At the millennium, was launched. Using the latest technology brought the secret world of fashion to your desktop. You can be in the studio with Nick Knight via a webcam. As part of the online audience you are encouraged to make suggestions and share ideas.
Nick Knight we salute you
This week I started as a volunteer at Zoom In which is a non profit photography darkroom in  London. They are really enthusiastic and if you want to get involved and hangout with like minded people than it could be the place for you. Photography is best shared with others and is a great way to get feedback on your work. I did some printing while I was there. It was exciting watching the print develop in the tray. The Zoom darkroom is a very soothing place. The running water sounds like a gentle waterfall and is very calming and atmospheric.
I like things that have to do with what is real, elegant, well presented and without excessive style. In other words, just fine observetion. -Elliott Erwitt

Nick Knight

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Sunday, 5 September 2010

What is a histogram?

Frank Hurley close to HMS Endurance trapped in...Image via Wikipedia
Welcome to the 12th edition.

Frank Hurley was a mans' man. A great photographer and explorer from a forgotten era. Imagine spending nearly two years almost freezing and starving to death in Antarctica and a few months later going to fight in World War 1. Welcome to the world of photographer Frank Hurley.

The official photographer for The Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition which set out in 1914, long before global warming and North Face jackets. Ernest Shackleton's ill fated journey is an example of bravery and leadership that inspires many generations. With their ship crushed by ice and sinking they had to abandon ship and take the essentials to survive. Frank's survival depended on his photography as much as food and water. The story is one of a great leadership, courage and determination. The incredible photographs with breath taking scenery are worthy of your time.

What is a histogram?
This easy to understand pdf covers the basics and provides all the information needed to help you on your way.

Your photography is a record of your living, for anyone who really sees.  Paul Strand.

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