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What is a histogram?

Frank Hurley close to HMS Endurance trapped in...Image via Wikipedia
Welcome to the 12th edition.

Frank Hurley was a mans' man. A great photographer and explorer from a forgotten era. Imagine spending nearly two years almost freezing and starving to death in Antarctica and a few months later going to fight in World War 1. Welcome to the world of photographer Frank Hurley.

The official photographer for The Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition which set out in 1914, long before global warming and North Face jackets. Ernest Shackleton's ill fated journey is an example of bravery and leadership that inspires many generations. With their ship crushed by ice and sinking they had to abandon ship and take the essentials to survive. Frank's survival depended on his photography as much as food and water. The story is one of a great leadership, courage and determination. The incredible photographs with breath taking scenery are worthy of your time.

What is a histogram?
This easy to understand pdf covers the basics and provides all the information needed to help you on your way.

Your photography is a record of your living, for anyone who really sees.  Paul Strand.

What is a Histogram? -

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