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four essentials you need to know

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Corrine Day
One of the leading photographic advocates’ of the ‘waif look’ during the nineties, Corinne Day sadly lost her battle for life last month. Her fashion work for Face magazine started a fashion revolution moving from the excess of the late eighties to a raw anti-glamour style.  The term ‘Heroin Chic’ described the look and her muse was Kate Moss. Perhaps ‘Cocaine Chic’ would have been more suitable. President Clinton condemned the look claiming that it was glamorising heroin, which of course we all know that it was not.  The skinny looking models without make up were fashion moving into a documentary style. It was not surprising that Corrine Day’s work followed in the same direction. Diagnosed with a brain tumour in 1996 she was not expected to live past 2004. Day has work exhibited in Tate Modern and the National Portrait Gallery.

Nicholas Brewer

Reflections often work well in photographs throwing the viewers sense of perspective and space. They are great for providing interesting images of the everyday into a mysterious ambiguous sense of confusion. All photography is a reflection and taking that concept one step further can help to make unique images with a lasting impression. Garry Winograd used this technique with devastating affect leaving the viewer entranced by the images trying to understand the spacial awareness of the photographs. This image was taken in an office window and it appeared to me like there was a monitor showing an image of the sky or an open window in the distance. For those who are looking for a project see what reflections you can find? Photographing portraits that are reflected into a window can sometimes give a supernatural feel to the images.  "Photography is not about the thing being photographed. It is about how that thing looks  photographed." Garry Winograd.

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