Friday, 1 October 2010

what is time lapse photography and how the killer photographer proved that a horse can fly

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There is a pdf about time lapse and stop motion photography at bottom of the blog.
Eadweard Muybridge 1878
Eadweard Muybridge (1830 1904) the pioneering photographer, killed his wife's lover. In the nineteenth century things were different. Shooting a man for sleeping with your wife was considered, 'justifiable homicide.' Muybridge is probably most remembered for his 'Time Lapse' photography of horses. Businessman Leland Standford asked Muybridge to photograph his horse to settle a bet with a friend. Standford was convinced his horse lifted all four feet off the ground during a gallop. It was the first time this question about horses being able to lift all four feet together would have photographic evidence. The experiment was put on hold during the trial and Muybridge's legal costs were paid by Standford. This was the one of the earliest scientifc photographs and it showed the way for moving film which arrived later. Despite the unusual spelling of the photographer's name, he was born in Surrey, England and moved to America in his early twenties. The relationship between the two men broke down four years after this photograph was taken. Standford published a book which Muybridge felt did not give him (the photographer) enough credit and they went to court to settle the dispute. The case did not go his way in some part due to power and wealth of Leland Standford. As we can see, the horse does lift all its feet off the ground and is an example of how this ground breaking photographer shaped the world in which we live.

Nicholas Brewer
The Ghost Sign was taken in London this week. I used a polarizing filter to bring out the sky and give a slower shutter speed.There is a strong geometric element to the photograph which I like however; the line down the middle of the frame  does not work for me. The compositon could be improved and I will have another go soon. 
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