Friday, 27 July 2012

the olympics have arrived.....

The London Olympics are nearly here and I am a mixture of excitement and nerves. If the London Underground makes it through the next few weeks I will be convinced that it is an act of divine intervention- it could be nothing else! Hackney Wick, home of the Olympic Stadium,  is one of the biggest areas of photographers and artists anywhere in Europe. Sam Scott-Hunter, who is probably best known for his music photography, has produced a short piece made up of hundreds of still images considering the environmental impact on his local area.

Notes From Fish Island from Sam Scott-Hunter on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

how determination paid off

You can just make out the 'boots' and was the glimpse of a sign I had walked past hundreds of times and not noticed. It was painted before the additional shops were added which would have provided a prime advertising spot.

You are now looking at the view from the shopping center balcony in Wimbledon. The Center Manager kindly agreed to let me use this vantage point to help with the 'Ghost Signs' project after I explained what I was doing. While better not good enough. At the top of the building on the right are offices. I took the name of the company based on the top floor. After speaking with the Office Manager a few days later he let me lean out of his window and take this final picture.