Saturday, 6 April 2013

how to build a narrative in a photograph

Nicholas Brewer

This picture was taken today in London at Pillow Fight Day that took place all over the world including Trafalgar Square. What made this particular image stand out for me, amongst the couple of hundred that I made this afternoon, is the  story within the frame. There is the pointing finger accusing the older of the two brothers. I believe that they are brothers as there is a strong resemblance between them and as the elder sibling he is most probably the leader. There is a relaxed and mischievous smile of the younger man so maybe the pointing hand belongs to a friend. Due to the (relatively) warm weather and the fun nature of pillow fighting it could be a stranger caught up in the excitement. The closeness of the subjects to the camera helps to create a sense of intimacy and the wide angle lens which was 18mm adds to this. There is a great deal of repetition in the images that I created today which is to be expected. I have included a couple of others for your appraisal.  The most important thing is to keep taking pictures of what you can, when you can and with what you can.

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  1. I love it Nick. On closer inspection I started to wonder how the person with brown hair to the left of the smiling chap has no neck!

    These sort of silly activities are great, in a world full of serious issues in the media everyday, its re-freshing to see soemthing fun like this being celebrated.