Saturday, 23 March 2013

what is a holga camera?

Inggrid kurniawan
In the digital age why should any one use a camera that leaks light, is unpredictable and expensive to run? The reason is this amazing image I found on Tumblr and taken with a Holga 120GN camera. The colour cast caused by leaking light through the back of the camera is part of the charm. The image proves a fundamental point about photography.  A good picture touches the viewer regardless of being shot on a Phase 1 or a cheap plastic toy, which is how some describe a Holga. They have a fixed lens which is slightly wider than the eye sees and the aperture ranges from about F8 to F11. One of the settings on the Holga is from sunny to cloudy and this opens the aperture by one stop. The shutter is fired manually by a leaver on the side. They use 120 film so you can scan the negs or get  darkroom prints made. There is a 35mm version but is not recommended. The Diana camera's were popular during the sixties. The Holga is the child of Diana! If you like safe predictable out comes then Holga or Diana cameras are not for you. If you have an open mind and want to experiment rewarded by exciting effects you may have found your medium.

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