Saturday, 9 March 2013

tips for landscape photography

nicholas brewer

Welcome to the latest blog.
My recent images of the Peak District have helped me to understand a different type of photography and do some soul searching along the way. Standing out in the cold waiting for the right light provided a valuable lesson in patience. Definitely a quality we need as photographers. Make sure that you have a comfortable camera bag, tripod and a selection of formatted memory cards. With quickly changing light it is advisable to have a few cards so the work gets spread around. It is another good way to back up your work so get decent ones. I always use a tripod, a sturdy one which is easy to carry makes the experience much more enjoyable. The picture above is very pictorial, it looks like a painting. You may have noticed the small white flower near the bottom of the picture in the middle. I will remove this slightly distracting highlight and improve the view.

nicholas brewer

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