Friday, 25 November 2011

word of the day

I have learnt a new word today. It is pronounced "bunting" and means dog rough or shit... The girls gave this word while playing a quick game of, 'guess the meaning'  this afternoon.  This London street slang was in response to me asking the class about a 'palimpsest'. A very grand word meaning a sign or document, written over or crossed out.

Lewis Hine
Photographer Lewis Hine, who changed the world that we know today through his pictures, is the source of great interest for one of my students. Our current brief is on portraiture and the genre that my learner is looking at is child photography. The above picture was taken less than one hundred years ago and I still find that quite shocking. Childhood is something that we now cherish as a society and understand  the link between these formative years and the adults that we become. Of course I am curious about the girl in the image who looks to be about nine. Surrounded by heavy industrial machinery the dirty shirt indicating the nature of her work. The pdf a collection of his images I found on the internet is moving and shocking. 

'While photographs may not lie, liars may photograph' Lewis Hine

Lewis Hine -  


  1. Images like that can bring about change. I have never heard of Lewis Hine. That is a powerful image. Unfortunately it reminds me of situations in our world today such as human trafficking and specifically sex trafficking. Victims are usually children and/or women.

  2. Yes I felt the same when looking at this work again. It is powerful and Jacob Riis is another photographer of the same generation who brought about social change. Photography rocks!