Saturday, 16 June 2012

exhibition week

Alice Hawkins
 We are rapidly approaching the end of another teaching year and busy with exhibitions. I feel a strange sense of frustration from most of the student's work and know that with effort, it would be much stronger. At 17 I was not the most dynamic individual and I enjoyed sleeping a lot but thankfully we have the capacity for change. Yesterday I went to another end of year show and was impressed with the quality of work. The overall standard seemed high and I could see the lecturer's influence quite clearly. Sarah has been a friend for a few years so I understand her taste and technical ability. There is a London theme which the students interpreted in an engaging and creative way.  I had the pleasure of meeting Alice Hawkins, a fashion and portrait photographer whose photographs are stylish and beautifully composed.  Click on the link to see more of her work.
Alice Hawkins
To make a success of anything hard work is a must and good contacts are vital. Finding the motivation to be a photographer is not always easy when there are easier and more profitable ways to make a living. The reality for some is that there is just nothing as rewarding as a photographic career who would rather starve then do anything else. A noble sentiment for such great photographers like Edward Weston  who died virtually penniless.

Edward Weston

"My true program is summed up in one word: life. I expect to photograph anything suggested by that word which appeals to me." - Edward Weston

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