Thursday, 18 August 2011

Photography is not easy.

Nicholas Brewer
With a bit of luck I am off to photograph the twins on Sunday. Above is the last one that I did of them and while much more what I am looking for it is not there yet. I have been photographing Michael and Jonathon for about a year and it is often difficult to get subjects to feel comfortable being in front of the camera They are both professionals with busy lives so it is difficult to find time in our schedules to keep the momentuem going. This is essential on a project like this.

Nicholas Brewer
The 'Ghost Signs' are another project that has been going for 12 exactly months on Saturday. The miracle of Meta data (data about data) tells me not only the date but also focal length and exposure. The project is enjoyable and I have learnt a great deal about this historic form of advertising. I feel the work is now getting tired and predictable. The bike creates a triangle shape pointing to the sign and the traffic light and chimney serve as vertical structures to add geometric form to the image.

Nicholas Brewer
Click on the 'Ghost Signs of London' link at the top of the page and see the best of the year.
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