Saturday, 24 September 2011

urban exploration and hdr photography

Nicholas Brewer
Urban exploration appeals to a wide variety of adventurers not just photographers. The rich pickings for photographs are well documented but decay brings a freshness of patterns in the changing seasons. The intensity of the sun affects contrast and shadow detail therefore every picture is unique. This image was quite contrasty when I took it but after five exposures varying in 2/3 of a stop pushed through HDR I got  extra levels of tonal range. There will be a tutorial on this subject in a future post.
Nicholas Brewer

This straight black and white image was produced from an underexposed raw file.The increased tonal   range and contrast was produced in camera raw. There are so many natural layers in the image that a sense of depth is easily created.
Nicholas Brewer

This photograph I found on a memory card that I discarded. I am delighted with the light through the windows  and the zig zag shape of the building. The ghost signs are looking good and there are more on the link above.

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