Monday, 17 October 2011

life through a mirror

Welcome to the 40th edition.

Gary Winograd
Teaching young people does provide you with a mirror of what you were like when you were that age. It is not long before you start identifying your friends in this new found looking glass. The group is a mixture of hormones, shyness and the cocky swagger of youth.  There is not an exact copy of your friends just characteristics or similarities that may remind you of your nearest and dearest. The photomontages made from old magazines that they produced this week were funny, irreverent and sensitive. As they leant a new skill and had an enjoyable experience it all went well. Naturally teaching is not just about having a good time but if this is included in a lesson then it helps to keep learners motivated and more likely to return. The arrogance of the young can help them to take risks and next time you see a boy racer you will be reminded of this.  You may recall that being aged between 16- 19 blessed you with the ability to think that you were 10 meters tall and bullet proof. Here is the balance that a lecturer is looking to maintain. Risk taking in a safe environment is a positive thing and is actively encouraged. A measured response to risks and the ability to understand what worked well and what needs improving. It reminded me that I need to come out of my comfort zone and make opportunities professionally and personally to accomplish my aims. The uncertainty of it all does make the heart bit a little faster and risk taking lets you know that you are alive.
I am currently reading 'dialogue with photography' by Paul Hill and Thomas Cooper. A great read of interviews conducted with legendary photographers like Paul Strand that describe his meetings with Alfred Stieglitz. For all of those who like to read and want to brush up on your photography history this is recommended.
Paul Strand
I think of myself as an explorer who has spent his life on a long voyage of discovery. Paul Strand - From Aperture article on Paul Strand.

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