Saturday, 4 February 2012

One In Ten

Welcome to the latest blog.
Walter Fogel     
Last years winner in the motion Category 
Photography competitions are a great way to put your name out there, win some cash and get work exhibited. There are many to choose from and I entered one already and now entering my second.  The Renaissance Photography competition raises money for the Lavender Trust and all the funds raised go to support breast cancer. Art therapy and photo-therapy are established  ways to express how we feel about a topic without having to use words. Naturally you do not need to make your pictures a visual message about breast cancer but if you know someone who has ever found a lump or if you have lost someone through this disease then it is a good reason to enter. With one In ten women experiencing the illness it is quite likely that you will know someone. Using your creativity to support a cause that has maybe touched your life is a noble thing to do. I find there is always something to learn by entering any competition. It could be a simple technical lesson like the correct dimensions for the images, meeting a deadline or attention to detail when reading the rules of the competition.
Nick Knight
The legendary fashion photographer Nick Knight has made some sensitive and moving portraits of women who have had a mastectomy. Please click on the link and have a look at this seminal work.

"Photography helps people to see" Bernice Abbott

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