Thursday, 1 March 2012

how to make the most of cloud storage

Alfred Stieglitz
It is not often I can give advice that provides you with a free service to help your growing collection of raw files and images. Cloud storage is a network of virtual servers to store data. Once the work is stored  you can send a link where it can be download. Naturally one  advantage is that you do not need to send large attachments that might be blocked, avoiding the need to re-size your images and lose quality. It serves as a great way to back up for your existing work. There are certain attributes which providers have in common. 
  • Ability to access the files and space using a variety of ways and devices
  • Pay as you go (for paid plans)
  • Completely managed by the service provider 
  • The market for cloud computing is very competitive and looks to continue which is the reason that many suppliers offer a free amount of space. 
  • The amount varies and you can take out storage with multiple providers.

CompanyFree Cloud StorageMax FilesizeLink
Dropbox2GB-10GBNo limitDropbox
Amazon CloudDrive5GB (20GB with an mp3 album purchase)2GBAmazon CloudDrive
Ubuntu One5GBNo LimitUbuntu One
Windows Live Skydrive25GB100 MBWindows Live Skydrive
iDrive5GBNo LimitiDrive
Memopal3GBNo LimitMemopal
Zumodrive2GBNo LimitZumodrive
TeamDrive2GBNo LimitTeamDrive
Spideroak2GBNo LimitSpideroak
Syncplicity2GBNo LimitSyncplicity
Safecopy3GBNo LimitSafecopy
Google Docs1GB1GBGoogle Docs

 'Results are uncertain even amongst experienced photographers' Matthew Brady


  1. The best paid service I have found is live drive which allows unlimited uploads. I was able to sign for two years for £65. I have backed up 300GB - the only drawback of this is it took 8 weeks 24 hrs a day to upload... But once backed up files can be retrieved from anywhere including by iphone.

  2. Thats good value all things considered.

  3. Where did you get this table of cloud storage comparisons? What's great about Dropbox is that there's no limit for the file size of what you're uploading, but the whole cloud storage is limited to 2gb only, which is quite big though.

  4. I agree that a good thing about Dropbox is that there is no limit to the file size you can upload. However, the starting free storage space is quite small with only 2gb. I have one to store my e-books and Google Drive for work-related documents. There is also SkyDrive with a starting free storage space of 7gb, although I am not sure if there is a limit to the file size you can upload. I haven’t heard of ADrive before this, but 50gb of free space is just amazing! I should check that out and see if it’s convenient and safe to use as well. It’s never too good to have more storage space for important files.

    Doug Leven

  5. For photographers like you, DropBox is very helpful for storing your photos since you don't have to resize and lose the quality of your images. You can store any file since they have no size limit. It will also be a great help for your clients who need the images, since they just have to know the link and easily access the image. This will make for easier and more convenient transactions for you and for your clients.